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Courant RopesVimpex work with Courant to offer the widest range of static ropes and rope accessories on the market. Rope access workers and rope rescue emergency teams require especially solid, ergonomic and reliable products that offer comfort and ease of use while being responsive and efficient. Courant set the highest standards in the world in safety at height.


We offer a wide range of Courant Ropes all made to the highest quality and conforming to the most stringent EN Norms.

Courant Ropes

Courant Kit Bags
Kit Bags

Vimpex has a range of quality Courant bags designed for rescue; our Courant Cross carrying bag transforms into an equipment kit bag. Light and simple in design, it suits all terrains.


A range of versatile and totally adjustable quilted harnesses for fall arrest, fixing and positioning work, rope ascent/descent, rescue operations and for safety at height work.


Courant Tethers & LanyardsAs used by UK FRS Civil Resilience Teams; Vimpex offer ultra-light safety lanyards. Designed to EN 357 with a 9.5mm rope. The most compact lanyard on the market, and very secure with the M’Fix system. We also offer Courant’s armoured lanyard for high-wear environments. Its sheath makes it durable and its supple steel core makes it flexible in use. Each component is interchangeable by the user with spare parts (removable ascender) - 3 or 4 metre options available.


Courant Accessories

Tactical/Military Equipment

All Courant equipment can be configured to be suitable for Special Forces, military or tactical teams.

Courant Tactical Military Equipment

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Courant Ropes for Rescue
Blowhard PPV Fans - Two BH-20's fit in the space of one comparable PPV fan
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