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Sharps CoversVimpex can supply a full package of extrication and technical rescue accessories.


Sharps covers, glass management products and hard / soft casualty protection suitable for a wide range of extrication scenarios.

Replacement Blades and Discs

Makita Tool RollVimpex can supply a wide range of tool blades, cutting discs and other accessories. Our popular Makita Tool roll for use with reciprocating saws, contains the most commonly used rescue blades along with a useful Tool Blade Guide.

We hold stock of the most common used blades and discs, so that customers can be confident in our ability to supply quickly and efficiently from our warehouse.

Extrication Tool BeltExtrication Tool Belt

A fully kitted tool belt incorporating all of the hand tools and accessories an extrication professional needs for his work. The hardwearing Cordura belt bag contains:

  Stanley Knife
  Battery Terminal Wrench
  Marker Pen
  Wire Snips
  Slotted Rivet / Pin Removal Tool
  Hooked Tools
  Life Hammer 'Evolution' Seatbelt Cutter / Window Punch
  113 kg ROPE RATCHET Tie Down
  Tape Measure
Makita Recip-Saw Blade Guide >>>

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