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Is The Future Battery Powered?

In recent years Europe's fire and rescue services have progressively made a move towards the use of powerful, portable rescue tools. This transfer, from one type of technology to another, is mainly due to superior portability, weight and size differences, plus a vast improvement in the battery technology that powers the tools.

Modern cordless rescue tools now last twice as long between charges compared to similar products in previous years; they can actually provide the same power as bulky hydraulic or power cord alternatives. They perform like a hydraulic or corded tool and have consistent, fade-free power throughout the discharge cycle, ensuring the last hole, bend or cut is as powerful as the first.

Generally, battery operated cutting and spreading tools like Vimpex's new powerful STORM tools, are lighter and quicker to operate than traditional Hydraulic tools. Firefighters can activate a STORM tool immediately, speeding up vital rescue times, plus they have the added benefit of taking up less space in your vehicle. The STORM series of battery powered extrication tools from Vimpex are designed with the same power, performance and ease of use our customers have come to rely on. All STORM series rescue tools have the same performance as their twin-line hydraulic counterparts, but without the extra burden and weight of hydraulic hoses. All STORM rescue tools are backed by a lifetime warranty on all parts manufactured by TNT Rescue.

Vimpex were one of the first companies in Europe to recognise the benefit of battery powered rescue tools, introducing Ogura portable battery tools to the market over 16 years ago. Ogura tools are small, tough, powerful and portable tools for cutting, spreading, lifting and opening. They are ruggedised for military and security services operations and are extremely versatile.

Our Makita Lithium-ion tools have proven to be market winners. Our expanded range offers a comprehensive, powerful and lightweight selection of professional tools to complete any rescue task. We have a comprehensive range of product kits powered by 18v Lithium-ion batteries. Our new 36v reciprocating saw uses two 18v batteries and cuts through an A post fast and spark free. Makita tools also have the fastest charge times of any Lithium-ion batteries in the power tool industry to date.

Vimpex are sponsors for this year's UKRO rescue challenge final, which will be hosted by Hampshire Fire and Rescue service between the 8th to 10th September. We will be there for the entire event so why not come along and test the power of our battery powered tools for yourself.

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