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Rope Ratchet Tie Downs Aid Extrication Teams

ROPE RATCHET Tie-DownMore and more extrication teams in the UK are appreciating the benefits of the ROPE RATCHET instant tie down.

With ROPE RATCHET Tie-Downs you never have to worry about stretching, snapping back or loosening. Your load stays secure because the rope stays locked in place with every pull, until you release it by pushing the convenient thumb lever.

Not only for tying down loads, the ROPE RATCHET can really help at vehicle extrications for holding back open doors, holding down roof flaps and tying back salvage sheets.

With the ROPE RATCHET you simply attach the two hooks and pull the loose end of the rope to get the secure tightness you need. Traditional knots, elastic bungees and bulky webbing are things of the past.

The ROPE RATCHET forms part of the excellent Vimpex EMS extrication range which includes TimberJack Stabilisation Blocks, Snaglet Anti-Snag Wedges, Pop-Up Scene Management Screens and Scorpe Air Lifting Bags.

Oct 2009

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