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Paratech Stabilisation and Lifting Bags Chosen for London Fire Brigade Vehicles

London Fire Brigade (LFB) has taken the decision to purchase a range of Paratech rescue equipment from Vimpex Ltd, Paratech's UK exclusive distributor. The new equipment will be used in extrication, RTC, heavy vehicle lifting, urban search and rescue and even in animal rescue. The Paratech kits will allow LFB firefighters to lift, stabilise and support objects heavier and much faster than ever before.

Paratech vehicle stabilisation systems from Vimpex have continued to prove their capability in the field. The LFB decision follows a long line of UK fire services who have chosen to include Paratech equipment and tools on their appliances in the past twelve months. These include: Lancashire; Greater Manchester; Buckinghamshire; Royal Berkshire; Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue services. Paratech equipment has the strength and flexibility to handle any size vehicle at any time and in any situation. This includes cars, buses, LGV, HGV and even trains.

Vimpex, with Paratech are offering the most comprehensive heavy lifting equipment available today - utilising the strength of the unique HydraFusion Struts combined with the lifting height and power of Paratech Multiforce air bags for rapid extrication. Vehicle stabilisation equipment is also available as well as environmentally friendly recycled plastic cribbing and much more. With this new Paratech equipment, LFB firefighters will have the capability to lift and stabilise any vehicle on the road.

"We are really pleased, but not at all surprised that LFB has chosen Paratech's vehicle stabilisation kits," says Martin Jones, Divisional Manager - Rescue at Vimpex. "This new equipment supply has raised the bar and has caused extrication experts to rethink the way vehicle stabilisation is applied during RTCs." Martin continues, "the supporter is rated at 9 tonnes at maximum extension, which is more than ten times the rating of the closest competition. This rating at full extension means that the product can be used for HGV tractor stabilisation as well as for smaller passenger vehicles".

LFB's order will include new Multiforce air lifting bags and vehicle supporters.

June 2017

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