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Portable Hydraulic Cutting Tools Aid Cannabis Farm Raid

Portable Hydraulic Cutting Tools Aid Cannabis Farm RaidCannabis growers have no escape from Ogura’s Battery Powered Hydraulic Cutting Tools. The tools were put to good use during a recent raid on a cannabis farm by one of Vimpex’s police customers. Vimpex has supplied numerous kits to the UK’s MOE (Method of Entry) armed response units and public order teams, where they are frequently used for forced entry, protestor release and all sorts of breaking, opening and cutting operations.

Vimpex has over the past four years gained significant experience in the use of tools for special operations; so much so that the company is now relied on to provide a significant part of an official police protestor release course.

The Ogura range of battery powered hydraulics forms only a small part of Vimpex’s extensive range of products suitable for forced entry and breaching operations. Other products in the Vimpex range include Paratech FET (Forcible Entry Tools), the Canguro SceneStar specialist battery powered (silent) scene lighting as well as PPE in the form of stylish but protective safety glasses, Pacific Helmets and a range of specifically designed protective gloves with enhanced heat protection. Vimpex can also supply handheld Thermal Imaging cameras and hotspot technology to aid the police in the detection of cannabis farms.

May 2013

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