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R6R Rescue Helmet

The New R6DX all in one rescue helmet from Vimpex is the latest product from world renowned helmet manufacturer Pacific Helmets. The R6DX helmet is a strong, comfortable and lightweight rescue helmet that by design conforms to multiple standards, including EN16471:2014 (Wildland Firefighting) & EN16473:2014 (Firefighting & Rescue) and PAS 028:2002 marine safety helmets (full certification pending). So, if you and your team are involved in Swift Water, Flood Rescue and Water Rescue, as well as at height rescue, USAR, technical rescue and paramedic applications, now thanks to the R6DX you'll only need one rescue helmet in your kit.

Manufactured using a Kevlar® reinforced composite shell, R6DX helmets provide the perfect combination of safety, balance and wearer comfort. Features such as DSVS ventilation system, external face shield posts, torch post and ear defender posts mean that your helmet can be as versatile as your job is varied.

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Use of kevlar-reinforced materials means that our helmets have less mass than those manufactured from thermoplastics. Our lightweight helmet ensures all users can concentrate on their job and not have to suffer nagging neck or shoulder fatigue due to poor weight distribution.

The R6DX has the same flammability rating as firefighting helmets, other plastic rescue helmets do not. Its composite shell is totally UV resistant and there is no need to impose a useful service limit unlike for plastic shells. A plastic shell will typically last for around 2-3 years and will have to be removed from active service after this time for fear of structural degradation by UV radiation. The R6DX shell is also chemically inert and coated with an acrylic-urethane paint that is very hard wearing and resistant against a wide range of chemicals. The helmets therefore retain their shine and still look brand new after several years of service.

The R6DX is available in Black, Red, Green and White as standard. Other colours are available if you require a bespoke solution.



  • Premium reflective trim with high -retro-reflectivity for increased visiblity
  • Customised decals (badges, wording and rank markings)
  • Flame resistant neck protector (waterproof or padded variations available)
  • A clear polycarbonate face shield
  • Adaro Adalit L5 and L5R ATEX approved high performance rechargeable LED safety torches with brackets


Standard ( certified | 0 conforms)


EN 12492:2012 (Working at Height/Engineering)

EN 16471:2014 (Wildland Firefighting)

EN 16473:2014 (Firefighting & Rescue)


PAS 028:2002 (Water and Flood Rescue)

(Certification Pending)

EN 443 (Clauses)

EN 397: 012 (Industrial)

CE marked to PPE Directive 89/686/EEC

Type-tested according to EN 397:2012

EN 166, face shield and visor industrial eye protection


ANSI Z89.1:2014

*The R6DX is fully certified to EN 16473:2014 standards. However, the holes on the helmet are not suitable where chemical spills are a potential risk.

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