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The Cutters Edge range of rescue-ready petrol saws are available in the UK exclusively through Vimpex Ltd. Vimpex staff are on hand to train, maintain and demonstrate these excellent tools.

Three products make up the range:

Multi-Cut Fire & Rescue Saw

Cutters Edge Multi-Cut Fire & Rescue Saw

Designed and build specifically for the fire rescue and emergency services to deliver reliable performance on time, every time. Some standard chainsaws claim to be appropriate for rescue use, the Multi-Cut really is - view video

CE970 Rotary Rescue Saw

Cutters Edge CE970 Rotary Rescue Saw

This rotary rescue saw using new X TORQ® technology utilises Dual Intakes that splits the airflow into one fresh-air stream and one clean-air stream for the fuel-air mixture. The fresh-air intake forms a barrier that delays the fresh fuel mix from entering the engine while assisting in exhausting the burned gases. Then the fuel-air mixture enters the engine, resulting in more power, higher torque, 75% less emissions and 20% more fuel economy than conventional 2-stroke engines- view video

CE94CRS Petrol Powered Concrete Saw

Cutters Edge Petrol Powered Concrete Saw
The CE94CRS petrol-powered Concrete Cutting Chainsaw is lighter weight, has more torque and cuts reinforced concrete up to 40 cm thick. Unlike hydraulic saws, no heavy, bulky power pack is needed and there are no hydraulic lines to get in the way. And, unlike rotary saws, there is no concrete dust produced and it can cut material twice as thick.

Just one single water line with only a 9 l/min at 3.45 bar is needed to cool and lubricate the chain and prevent concrete cutting dust. A garden hose with domestic mains pressure is all that is needed, but water can be supplied from any water source: including a pumper, tender, hydrant, standpipe, the ocean, a lake, stream or even a puddle or bucket of water.

The CE94CRS cuts a wide range of materials; including reinforced concrete (rebar), masonry brick, concrete block, natural stone and abrasive concrete. A powerful 94cc engine engineered specifically for concrete cutting with an advanced crankshaft sealing design, sealed throttle shaft, waterproof ignition and a special air filtration system are just some of the “NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY” features that allow this new internal combustion engine to operate at peak performance in the wet, rescue concrete cutting environment - view video

Rescue Kits

Cutters Edge Rescue Kits

Each Saw comes with a complete rescue-ready kit with everything you need for effective field operations - all housed in a sturdy aluminium case.
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