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Leader Firefighting Equipment - NozzlesAs a recognized leader in the development of rugged innovative firefighting equipment, LEADER nozzles have been specifically designed to ensure Safety, Reliability and Robustness.

LEADER nozzles have perfect jet quality and very low level of maintenance. They are available in 2 types of materials: Aluminium or Fibertech® Composite. Three sizes are available to suit flowrate capacities: Compact, Regular and Large.

Leader Firefighting Equipment - MultiFlow Nozzle
Leader Firefighting Equipment - FlowMatic Nozzle
Leader Firefighting Equipment - MultiMatic Nozzle
Leader Firefighting Equipment - HP Matic Nozzle
Selectable Flow
Automatic with
Selectable Flow
High Pressure


LEADER monitors have been specifically designed to ensure performance, ease of handling and safety at the fire scene. LEADER has developed a monitor range that combines an ergonomic design with lightness, compactness and robustness. Two fire monitors are available:

Portable Monitor
Oscillating Portable Monitor
Leader Firefighting Equipment - PARTNER 2 Monitor
Leader Firefighting Equipment - PARTNER 2 OSC Oscillating Portable Monitor

Lightweight (only 9.3 kg) and compact, PARTNER 2 monitors are deployed with a minimum of handling for quick response. They have a powerful flowrate of up to 3000 l/min. The choice of materials (hard anodized aluminium, epoxy paint, stainless steel) together with the LEADER wyes have been specifically designed from LEADER FiberTech® composite material to decrease the weight of these monitors. It is a great alternative to aluminium alloy or brass as they are easier to transport and handle.


LEADER Wyes Combine Strength and PerformanceLEADER Wyes combine strength and performance:

  Huge weight reduction thanks to
    their FiberTech® material design:
    - Up to 60% compared to aluminium wyes
    - Up to 70% compared to brass wyes
  Anti-corrosion for use with foam
    concentrates or in saline environment
  Very low friction losses
  Good handling

Foam Equipment

LEADER Foam EquipmentLEADER specialises in the design of foam equipment for firefighting responses and fire prevention and safety in buildings.

The production of fire-fighting foam, a mass of air-filled bubbles separated by a thin aqueous solution wall, is obtained by foam generators (specific jets/monitors/nozzles) and foam proportioning devices. The goal is to bring the 3 components (water / air / foam concentrate) together in accurately defined proportions.

LEADER provides all equipment needed to produce consistent quality firefighting foam:

  Low & medium expansion foam generators
  High expansion foam generators
  Automatic foam proportioners, inductors, foam dosing systems
  Low expansion foam nozzles
  Multifunctional water-foam nozzle
  Portable foam unit

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Leader Firefighting Equipment - Monitors
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