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LEADER has greatly simplified the use of search and rescue equipment, now providing modern, efficient and reliable support during search and rescue operations. With LEADER products you can find victims EASIER, FASTER and SAFER than ever before!


LEADER Search EquipmentThe world's ONLY seismic wireless life detector, designed to detect the presence of trapped or entombed victims and pinpoint them with great accuracy. The highly sensitive seismic sensors will detect even the slightest sign of life; tapping, scratching, banging, voices or any other indicator of life, regardless of the nature of their entrapment i.e. rubble, snow, mud etc.


Developed to visualize and communicate with victims, is used for evaluating the necessary assistance and emergency care needed. The LEADER Cam is the next generation of the proven and effective Visio Search.


The world’s first and only true Hasty search system that combines search cameras, listening and victim communication devices into one unit.


The world’s only device capable of detecting the slightest chest movements produced by breathing. Designed to detect and locate live victims trapped, buried or entombed, usually following disasters such as collapsed structures, landslides, avalanches and so on, LEADER Scan allows victim location by detecting movement at a distance of 30m in free space thanks to the UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology.


Designed to warn rescuer workers in the event of the surrounding structures being unstable and threatening to collapse.

It provides indispensable additional safety for rescue teams, helping them concentrate on their rescue work in the rubble.

LEADER Confined Space CommunicationLEADER Com

Wired communication for Confined Spaces - designed to perform in any environment.

Full duplex, hands free and intrinsically safe, LEADER Com ensures a continuous, reliable and very clear communication between the team leader and those operational in confined spaces, particularly when working in noisy environments and where conventional communication is not suitable.

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