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Makita Tool Tray Concept'First Response' Makita Tool Tray Concept

Vimpex has developed an integrated tool tray for Makita battery powered tools. Now in use by several UK Fire & Rescue Services, the tray is designed to be installed on the appliance and incorporate in-vehicle chargers, suitable power tools and all accessories and blades required.

A typical 'First Response' concept contains a powerful reciprocating saw, angle grinder and combi-drill. Designed for immediate deployment, three battery chargers are mounted within the foam insert to ensure that batteries are always charged and ready for use.

The foam insert has been designed allow tools to be easily removed with gloved hands. Drainage holes have been included as have ventilation areas to allow battery chargers to dissipate heat.

Vimpex has worked with Makita to identify the right blades and accessories for rescue use and these are all held in a tool roll stored within the foam insert.

Makita Rescue Tools

Vimpex work very closely with Makita UK to provide sales and support for Makita power tools used by Fire Services and Police Forces. Vimpex are an official service and warranty repair agent for all petrol and electric Makita products.

Tools can be either battery or mains-powered. The most popular tools utilise Makita’s revolutionary Li-Ion 18V battery, whilst most mains powered tools would be 110V. A variety of chargers can be supplied but in-vehicle charging systems make battery management very simple.

Makita LI-Ion BatteryLI-Ion Batteries

The revolutionary new Makita Li-ion batteries are proven
market leaders. These long-lasting batteries are:

  40% lighter
  Have 2000+ recharge cycles
  430% more life
  Only 22 minute charge time
  Store power for longer

Reciprocating Saws
Makita Reciprocating Saws
  Very popular extrication tool; used by twice-world champions
    Hampshire Fire & Rescue
  Battery or mains powered
  Variety of different blades for vehicle extrication, forced entry and
    pruning of fallen trees
  The AVT 110V unit features extremely low vibration (8.5m/sec2).
  Makita Tool Roll  All saws have an excellent tool-less blade change

Vimpex have developed a simple tool roll for use with reciprocating saws.

This roll contains the most commonly used rescue blades along with a useful Tool Blade Guide.

Breakers and Hammers
Makita Rotary Hammer Drill
  Ideal for use during search and rescue and protestor removal
  Often used by USAR teams to allow access for search cameras
  Li-Ion or mains powered
  Used by police forces for protestor release operations
  AVT features extremely low vibration (11m/sec2 HR5211C hammer function)

Makita LXT Portable Band Saw
LI-Ion Tools

  All tools use the Makita 18V Li-ion battery
  22 minute recharge time
  Ideal for immediate response, forced entry
    and protestor release

Petrol Disc Cutters

Known for the reliability and power of their engines, the Makita tools are ultra-reliable. Makita have developed a range of cutting discs which are ideal for emergency services use.
Makita Petrol Disc Cutter
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