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Ogura Rescue Tools:

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Ogura Portable Hydraulic Rescue ToolsOgura was the first manufacturer in the world to have developed a full range of truly portable, lightweight and powerful battery powered hydraulic cutting, spreading and lifting tools. These tools are in use worldwide by rescue, military, police and security services.

Ogura tools are tough, powerful and portable tools for cutting, spreading, lifting and opening. They are ruggedised for military and security services operations and are extremely versatile tools.
Ogura Portable Hydraulic Rescue Tools
Applications include:

  Forced Entry (MOE)
  Vehicle & Confined Space Extrication
  Urban Search and Rescue
  Vehicle Self-Rescue
  Remote Decommissioning
  Protestor Release
  Aerial Response
  Rapid Response RTC Vehicles

Product Range

Protean Modular System
Ogura Protean Modular System
Ogura have recently launched a new modular system for
customers that demand extra power. Ogura's new Protean
modular system complements the current range by providing
the same portability and versatility, but now with both single and
double acting interchangeable head units that can shear, cut and
spread stronger and thicker obstacles faster >>>

HRS-93 Modular System
HRS-93 Modular System
The Ogura HRS battery-powered Hydraulic Rescue System is a portable, lightweight, compact and extremely versatile series of cutting, spreading and forced entry tools >>>

BC-300F Combi-Tool

BC-300F Combi-Tool The BC-300F Combi-Tool is absolutely unique as it is the lightest, the only one using Makita Li-Ion batteries and offering in-vehicle charging and the only tool to use removable, field-replaceable blade inserts >>>

ORC Portable Bar Cutters

ORC Portable Bar CuttersFor rescue teams requiring a dedicated bar cutter to ease the extrication of casualties from buildings effected by collapse, earthquake, explosion or collision, ORC bar cutting tools offer unrivalled performance and power. We can also supply mains powered tools capable of cutting up to 32 mm rebar >>>

MCT-250 Manual Combi-Tool

MCT-250 Manual Combi-ToolImmediately deployed, hand operated combi-tool for confined space, remote rescue and hazardous area operations >>>
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Vimpex Rescue Overview (PDF) >>>
All Ogura Tools are supplied in sturdy carry cases with versatile foam inserts.

All Ogura Tools are supplied in sturdy carry cases with versatile foam insert

Vimpex are able to offer various storage and carrying solutions including moulded trays for in-vehicle use, back pack carriers and vehicle tray/frame inserts.

Moulded trays for in-vehicle use

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