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Paratech Leak Sealing Systems (LSS) - BagsParatech Leak Sealing Systems (LSS) - Logo

Leak Sealing Bags

Stop liquid leaks on pipes, tankers, railroad tank cars quickly, simply and safely with Paratech’s easy-to-use inflatable air bag sealing system. Just strap a Paratech chemical resistant reinforced neoprene air bag over the leak, adjust and tighten the ratchet belts and inflate.

Designed for versatility, the 15.2 x 15.2 cm size bag handles many pipe leaks. The versatile 38.1 x 61 cm air bag is used for large pipe casings and common tanker leaks. For large gashes, tears and holes, Paratech recommends the 61 x 61 cm inflatable sealing bag.

The bags apply up to 1.5 bar over the damaged area to quickly stem the flow, seal the leak, and reduce contamination. They work effectively on both smooth and rough surfaces and are excellent for controlling leaks and punctures, in both stationary and mobile storage tanks. Special harness design allows the bag to slide into position easily and a 4.9 m air hose and control valve allow emergency teams to work remotely from the hazard.

Paratech Leak Sealing Systems (LSS) - Leak Sealing PlugsLeak Sealing Plugs

Used by the U.S. Air Force, these tapered hardwood and neoprene plugs are excellent for controlling hazardous material leaks, both liquid and vapour.

Neoprene plugs are moulded to accept extension handles and can be used with powered impact tools.

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Paratech Leak Sealing Systems (LSS) - Bags
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