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Paratech MULTXIFORCE® Air Lifting Bags - Logo

Paratech’s MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag takes lifting to a whole new level. Integrating the latest technology with a unique understanding of lifting, Paratech has designed the MULTIFORCE range to exceed expectations. Ease of use and speed of deployment make MULTIFORCE an obvious choice whether the goal is saving lives or lifting locomotives.

Paratech MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bags

Paratech MAXIFORCE® Air Lifting Bags - Logo

The MAXIFORCE® G2 Air Lifting Bag is a thin, strong, moulded envelope available in 14 different sizes.

It is made from 3 layers of Neoprene covered Aramid fibre reinforcement and has the power to lift, move or shift weights up to 80.9 tonnes per bag.

Paratech MAXIFORCEŽ G2 Air Lifting Bags

Control equipment and components play a critical role in successful lifting bag use and unlike other lifting bag systems, Paratech manufactures all of its major control components. This assures the quality of the lifting bag system from inflation to deflation.

Paratech MAXIFORCEŽ; G2 Air Lifting BagsAll Paratech Air Lifting Bags meet and exceed the intent of all known, recognised and published international standards for the design and use of Air Lifting Bags. Each bag has been subjected to stringent factory pressure tests to assure maximum operator safety. When you have an2 Air Bag from Paratech you have the best.

Paratech offers Air Lifting Bags in sets of various sizes. They have configured these kits based on user feedback as well as their own experience lifting and shifting since 1976. Users can make their own kits from individual Air Lifting Bags and a full range of Control Equipment.

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Paratech MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag in action
Paratech MAXIFORCE® Controller
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