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Paratech Powered Impact Tools (PIT)Paratech Powered Impact Tools (PIT) - Logo

Paratech’s Powered Impact Tools (PIT) are designed for forcible entry during firefighting and rescue operations. They are used for cutting metal and composites, breaking masonry walls, penetrating concrete floors, forcible entry and digging during tunnelling operations. Paratech’s PITs consume air only on the power stroke. This unique, patented design provides a pneumatic impact and penetrating device with an adjustable power output and very low air consumption.


  Crash rescue from aircraft: Cut skins, spars, canopies
  Crash firefighting: Piercing applicator for dispensing extinguishing agents
  Extrication: For cars, trucks and transportation accidents
  Disaster rescue: Earthquakes and collapsed buildings
  Pneumatic impact penetrator: Use in rescue or industry
  Rescue/forcible entry: Break doors, locks, padlocks, hasps
  Damage Control: Access to compartments through watertight doors, heavy sheet metal
  Breaks and punches holes: Concrete and asphalt

The combined features of light weight, very low air consumption and a wide range of power settings make Paratech’s PITs extremely effective for rescue and firefighting operations. Rescue workers may find themselves temporarily blocked by a masonry wall or faced with the need to penetrate a concrete floor. Building collapse often requires power assisted digging for access to victims. Conventional pneumatic, hydraulic or electric power tools always require a hook-up to a bulky remote power source. Only Paratech PITs are designed for situations where the power source must be as portable as the tool.

Designed to operate intermittently for up to 15 minutes on a single SCBA cylinder, there is nothing to stop a Paratech Powered Impact Tool from being where the action is. The Airgun and Pakhammer are designed to operate from any compressed air source at a pressure range of 40 to 200 psi / 2.7 to 13.8 bar.

PIT Kits

Pakhammer - At only 5.1 kg and at 1000-1100 high impact blows per minute this PIT dramatically increases the range of rescue work for initial responding units. The Pakhammer is the only pneumatic impact tool of its size that is designed to operate from portable air cylinders. It is an ideal tool for bus and train rescue, high rise work, collapse rescue or any situation that requires a powerful impact tool that operates from a limited air supply.

Paratech Pakhammer Kit

Airgun - Combining ease of handling, very low air consumption, 1600-1700 high impact blows per minute and weighing only 3.2 kg the Airgun 40 is an ideal tool for confined rescue. Vehicle crash sites, metal clad buildings, aircraft penetration, exhaust ducts and composite structural material are typical barriers often faced by rescue personnel. The Airgun, using one of several specially designed tool bits, is a great solution when faced with these situations.

Paratech Airgun Kit

Airgun SC - It is the ideal crash rescue tool with 1600-1700 high impact blows per minute and weighing 8.9 kg. It exceeds current U.S. Air Force requirements for handheld pneumatic aircraft skin penetrator. It has its own self-contained air source.

Paratech Airgun SC Kit

Tool Bits

Made from S7 tool steel and heat-treated for long life, all PIT kits come equipped with a wide variety of standard and specialised tool bits, which are compatible with all guns.

Cutting bits are designed to cut metal, break locks, breach walls and remove doors from hinges. Driving bits allow the user to insert neoprene plugs into gaps and cracks to reduce leaks and seepage of liquids from leaking vessels.

Specialist tool bits are available for piercing applications where firefighting media needs to be injected into fire affected containers, aircraft or other compartments where entry by firefighters is either too dangerous or impossible to achieve. This is an important IMO (International Marine Organisation) requirement for ship firefighting which will come into force from January 2016. More details on requirements for piercing nozzles on container ships can be found here >>>

Paratech PIT Tool Bits

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Paratech Powered Impact Tools (PIT) In Action
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