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Paratech Tactical Forcible Entry Tools (TFE) - Logo

Targeting the tactical market, Paratech has customised its forcible entry tools to cater for Police, Special Operations, Public Order, Firearms and Military use. Made with a durable black tactical finish these high quality tools are designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist, cut, open and remove all types of barrier.

Tactical Hooligan Tool

One of the world’s most popular forcible entry tools. Head and claw forged from high alloy steel, heat treated for maximum strength then fitted to a 25 mm stress-proof bar. The tool has a machine grooved non-slip grip. Claw opening is parallel and fits over locks, hasps and many door bars. It can also be used as a puller and a gas shut-off during emergencies.
Paratech Tactical Hooligan Tool

Paratech also offer a single forged Tactical Hooligan, a top choice by many users.

Personal Entry Tools

Paratech offer 3 different types of tactical forcible entry tools, the Pry-Axe, Buster Tool and Biel Tool. All three have extendable claws to offer the powerful ‘Slam & Ram’ capability for quick and decisive entry in tight quarters. These claws can be removed and inserted into keyways in the axe heads for twisting leverage.

Tactical Pry-Axe - The best selling tool in the Paratech range, the Pry-Axe is used by police forces world-wide. The Pry-Axe is lightweight, multi-purpose and designed to pry, enlarge openings, cut sheet metal and twist off locks and latches - small enough to carry but rugged enough for most jobs.

Paratech Tactical Pry-Axe

Tactical Buster Tool - The Buster has the versatility and strength to assist in getting the job done.
Paratech Tactical Buster Tool

Tactical Biel Tool - The perfect personal issue multi-purpose forcible entry tool. Designed for forcing doors and windows, prying and twisting hasps and locks, light overhauling, gas shutoff, metal cutting and chopping.
Paratech Tactical Biel Tool

Tactical Response Kit - A compact way to take every tool you need for any situation. This kit holds tools to pry, twist, cut, pound, open or remove all types of barriers. The kit is also interchangeable so you can use any combination using the lock bars (included). Use a Hooligan to pry, a sledge to break concrete or a Pry-Axe to chop. Everything you require in one compact kit!
Paratech Tactical Response Kit

MBR - Modular Battering Ram - The Paratech Modular Battering Ram sets the standard for modularity and scalability making it perfect for todays’ diverse forcible entry requirements. Able to accept multiple interchangeable heads the MBR is the most flexible battering ram on the market today.

Connecting two rams together quickly creates a heavy duty two-person tool within seconds. With all bolted parts and no weld lines, the MBR is the sturdiest and most durable products of its type available - watch video.

Paratech Tactical Modular Battering Ram

Paratech Tactical TFE BackpackTFE Backpack - Loaded with the tactical and forcible entry tools you need to breach just about anything.

The ergonomic backpack features Paratech’s Tactical Bolt Cutters, Modular Battering Ram body with a Standard Head and your choice of 24” / 60 cm Tactical Hooligan, TRK Sledgehammer of the Tactical PRT.

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Paratech Tactical Forcible Entry Tools
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