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Lift, Shift, Contain, Stabilise & Penetrate

Paratech manufactures an ever-increasing number of emergency service, industrial and law enforcement products. Their specialty is tools for technical rescue, but they have also developed products that are used in applications for shipboard damage control, pipeline, mining, rail, quarries, vehicle maintenance and recovery - for the complete range of Paratech tools visit the Paratech website or download the Paratech catalogue

Paratech Rescue Support Systems (RSS)Rescue Support Systems (RSS)

Paratech’s versatile and scalable RSS is effective for the simplest to the most demanding deployments. The RSS is available in a number of kits for specific applications >>>

Paratech Vehicle Stabilisation KitsVehicle Stabilisation Kits (VSK)

Paratech's VSKs have the strength and flexibility to handle any size of vehicle in any situation, including rail incidents. They are the strongest VSKs on the market >>>

Paratech MAXIFORCE® G2 Air Lifting BagsAir Lifting Bags

MULTIFORCE and MAXIFORCE® G2 Air Lifting Bags take lifting to a whole new level. Paratech has integrated the latest technology with a unique understanding of lifting >>>

Paratech Rescue Air CushionsRescue Air Cushions (RAC)

These versatile Rescue Air Cushions are an ideal tool for operations that require a large non-reinforced load to be lifted to a significant height >>>

Paratech Leak Sealing SystemsLeak Sealing Systems (LSS)

The Paratech Leak Sealing Plugs and Leak Sealing Bag range are a quick and easy way to stop leaks on pipes, tankers, drums and other liquid vessels >>>

Paratech FET - Forcible Entry ToolsForcible Entry Tools (FET)

These tools are designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist and cut open or remove all types of barriers between the emergency services and the life they are saving >>>

Paratech TFE - Tactical Forcible EntryTactical Forcible Entry (TFE)

Targeting the tactical market, Paratech has customised its forcible entry tools to cater for Police, Special Operations, Public Order, Firearms and Military use >>>

Paratech PIT - Powered Impact ToolsPowered Impact Tools (PIT)

Whether Paratech’s Powered Impact Tools are breaking concrete or cutting the remains of a melted tanker shell apart, they deliver the punch >>>

Paratech Damage Control SystemsDamage Control Systems (DCS)

The Paratech Damage Control System (DCS) is a flexible and capable maritime damage control shoring solution and has been designed to make on-board shoring faster, safer and easier than ever before >>>

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