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 TNT customers have a choice of many pumps designed from small single operating lightweight units through to 4-way simultaneous operation units to vehicle-installed PTO-driven optionsThe powerhouse of any hydraulic rescue kit, the reliability of pumps is paramount. TNT customers have a choice of many pumps designed from small single operating lightweight units, through to 4-way simultaneous operation units, to vehicle-installed PTO-driven options. TNT were among the first companies in world to develop rescue-specific hydraulic pump technology and their competitors have been following ever since.

When choosing a TNT Accelerator pump you will soon discover that its speed of tool operation cannot be matched. Superior speed of tool operation means swifter extrications, better performing tools and more rapidly extracted casualties.

TNT’s innovative Echo pump technology offers the market the first electronically managed hydraulic pump. Accurate sensors continually monitor oil flow ensuring that the operator is warned by an audible signal should oil flow cease for a predetermined period of time. This feature is an excellent training aid and ensures valuable extrication time is not lost waiting for tools to cut or spread, when in fact poor positioning or imperfect technique means that the tool might stall mid operation.

TNT ATT 65 Accelerator pump

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As an independent, ambitious and innovative company, TNT is happy to offer their tools with a choice of control mechanisms.

TNT's popular Star Grip

Whilst the standard offering is the popular ‘star grip’ which allows for control both with the thumbs and fingers, no matter the position of the tool or how close the tool is to the vehicle, we do know some customers prefer other styles of tool control. That’s why we are happy to offer TNT tools with whichever control style our customers choose.

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